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Make My Dream A Reality
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Make My Dream A Reality

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What are they saying?


Dear Michelle & Vanessa,

On behalf of Mrs. Charles and I, we simply cannot find words in which to express our heartfelt thanks to you both for a job well done. Your input, your dedication, and your hard work towards our daughter's wedding has resulted in a celebration that went way beyond our expectations. 

As a result, we would like to say without reservation that you did your job with pride, finesse, and style; it is no wonder why everything went so fabulously well. Bravo!

Mr. & Mrs. Damian Charles

Dear Michelle & Vanessa,

Kevin and I cannot express the amount of gratitude necessary to adequately thank you both for the support, guidance, professionalism, and friendship that you provided to us throughout our wedding planning and especially on the day of the wedding.

Although we contracted you for "day of" services, you were a constant source of great advice and help in the several months leading up to the day. You both went out of your way to make sure that all of our vendors gave us what we expected and to make sure that all of the bases were covered.

Our wedding day started out with some personal tragedy as you recall, but once we spoke to you we knew that the day would be great. Because of you our wedding was an amazing event that my guests are still talking about. Many guests have told us that they have never seen a wedding run so smoothly or be executed so extravagantly. We were so proud and happy to hear that and e know that that would not have been possible without you.

You both are hands-down the most talented event planners/organizers in the business today. And any bride and groom would be lucky to have you in their corner. Thank you so much for everything.

Claudia Charles-Sardine and Kevin Sardine

Hi Michelle,

Can you believe it's been just over one month....!!!! That's about the time you had to organize our wedding.......WoW!!!!

Dominique and I are from Montreal Canada, We've been engaged for almost 2 years. We've thought about getting married in the islands, or on a cruise. But after spending one winter day in New York City, Dominique and I knew that's where we were getting married. But where do you begin in such a big city??? We googled wedding planners in New York, and started to call a few. It was not easy and very time consuming, and we were starting to worry because all we would get was an answering machine and no return calls. Or it's too small of a wedding, so they were not interested. One wedding planner said well it's too soon, I would need almost a year to plan.......And then all our worries came to an end when we met Michelle Flores.

Michelle's professionalism and people's skills was enough for us to know that we found not only our planner....but more importantly today...we found a friend. There is REALLY no wedding too big or too small. In less than one month Michelle was able to put together our dream TOGETHER. Our wedding was initially to take several months from the day we called her, but something came up and we called Michelle one day and said "Michelle" you need to book everything now cause we are getting married next week!!!!!! Michelle immediately got to work and had it all planned within days and that is amazing!!!!! There was no compromise in her work.

Our gut feeling was right when we decided to choose Flore Events. Today we are so glad about our choice. Our wedding day was perfect. Michelle, we are so happy for your services and more for your friendship. Today we can say to everyone here at home that we have a close friend in New York. If you are ever in Montreal please call us, and you can definitely give our number or email to anyone who wishes to call with any questions.

Thank you once again,

Your new friends from Montreal, Canada

Dominique and Franco

To Flore' Events,

We decided to hire a wedding consultant to help us create and stick to a budget, handle the logistics of the wedding day, and assist us in creating a wedding that fit our personality and style. Additionally, since we spent the majority of our engagement apart and not in the location where our wedding would take place, we also needed help finding vendors. 

Our consultant was both logical and innovative, and when we had ideas that were important to us, she made sure that the ideas were developed and executed during the planning process and the actual wedding. Michelle’s brilliance especially shone through during the days leading up to our wedding. Very few of the wedding participants and guests lived in the area. 

Additionally, our wedding and reception venues were 45 minutes away from each other. Therefore, we needed a tremendous coordination effort for things to go off without a problem. We both knew Michelle before we hired her and knew her to be a conscientious, passionate, and outgoing person. She was all of this and more as our wedding consultant! 

She was a consummate professional, paid special attention to detail, and most importantly was an advocate for the most important people in the wedding, the bride and groom. She made sure that we were at peace and could truly enjoy our special day. 

The day was beautiful, the ceremony incredible, and the reception sheer fun. We also wanted our guests to have the time of their lives. From phone calls, emails, and texts our families and us received after the wedding, we can definitely say that an epic time was experienced by everyone. It was a true reflection of our love and personality, all in no small thanks to Michelle, our wedding planner, organizer, consultant, advisor, confidant, and friend!

Chanel & Alexis

Dear Flore' Events,

Where do we begin to explain how wonderful you all have been? As we began searching for our wedding planner/coordinator, we looked for someone who would help us make our special day a reality. We wanted someone who would orchestrate everything, and truly capture our vision.

We had interviewed countless planners, but no one seemed to be a good fit. Then I found Flore' Events and decided to give them a call. When I spoke to Michelle Flores, the owner of Flore' Events, I knew she was THE ONE. Our conversation was comfortable, she immediately put me at ease, and I could tell she really knew her stuff. After our face to face meeting, I was completely convinced. After we contracted Michelle I quickly realized that I had not only gained a planner, but also a friend.

Michelle, you and your team are extremely organized (I LOVE the schedules!). You kept everything in line from the planning stages all the way to the wedding day. You even booked our awesome honeymoon, so I could go on my first cruise!

One of the most special gifts we received came from watching you interact with our families. You weren’t a vendor; you were family - and everyone felt it along with us. We appreciate the way you made everyone comfortable and still completed your job at the highest level.

When Greg told me he wanted to have a party for his 35th birthday in New York, I knew exactly who to call. He had a blast! Michelle, you took care of everything and even stayed for the entire party to hang out with us and our guests. Flore' Events is an exceptional company. We are so happy we chose you to handle our wedding and Greg’s birthday. Thank you so much for everything!

Tiffany & Greg

Dear Michelle & Vanessa,

What can I say about my coordinator... This woman has been so instrumental in my ability to remain sane. Although I was organized and detailed, she takes wedding planning to a different level. 

Her vendor suggestions were great and she helped me stay on point but not overwhelmed. Thanks Michelle.

Janelle & Mark

Good Day Michelle,

Thank you so much for reaching out. It would be our pleasure to offer feedback regarding services provided.

We hired Michelle of Flore’ Events to help us decorate and plan or annual Spa Party here at Beautiful Mountain Massage Therapy Pc. in August of 2021. The job was executed without us needing to give her much direction. She went above and beyond helping with us locate a venue, brought our ideas to life with regard to decor and was professional as well. We look forward to working with Michelle again this year for our annual Spa Party. 

We highly recommend her services!

Nikki Beaumont LMT CMMT
Beautiful Mountain Massage Therapy Pc.


To Flore' Events

Thank you so much for all of your help with the wedding. It couldn’t have been the dream that I envisioned without you!

Jade & Lionel

Dear Michelle & Vanessa,

Raymond & I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the hard work & dedication you put in to help make our wedding everything we could have ever dreamed of. 

You made the stress-less planning process enjoyable from beginning to end & constantly assured us that we would be able to get it done in 9months without a hitch. When showing us the reception halls, setting up meetings with florists & photographers you gave your most unbiased opinions, but we truly believe the strong relationships you have with the vendors we chose is what helped make our day a magical success and they should all be thanking you like we are. 

To say the only wedding you’ve ever been to that started on time was your own is nothing short of a pat on the back & I thank you for making sure everything ran smoothly & was absolutely perfect. It's even obvious in the pictures; there wasn’t a single frown on anyone’s face the entire time. My guests appreciated how organized everything was & said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. 

I've recommended your services to everyone I know that is thinking about getting married or has recently got engaged & I would love to do it all over again (With Raymond of course ?) because it was just that amazing! We just can’t say thank you enough for everything.

Marion & Raymond

Flore' Events,

Truly, I cannot say ENOUGH about Flore' Events . When I met Michelle, I was planning a NYC loft wedding in August. Due to lots of circumstances beyond our control, we actually got married in Negril, Jamaica October the next year.

 Through ALL of the delays, changes, twists and turns, Michelle remained my ROCK. Her ideas and vision are remarkable, her ability to remain calm through any change is admirable. But it is her passion for her work and her compassion for a stressless bride that is truly Priceless! .

Whenever I had a thought or idea, Michelle found a way to make it happen. When I couldn't come up with ideas, Michelle found plenty of photo "inspiration" to email me and get me back on track. Even the most mundane tasks became fun to accomplish with Michelle. After all the changes, our wedding day was Beautiful! I will always be grateful to Flore' Events for helping to create the wedding of my dreams!! ~Denise Johnson-White

Denise & Will


Flore' Events

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